The Automotive Gallery - 05. Mercedes C111 II

Color: White

Automotive Gallery limited edition collector's box set with 100% cotton T-shirt dedicated to the C111 II, the car inspired by space.

A car that immediately captured attention. Just six months after the debut of the very first C111 in Frankfurt, the German automotive brand unveiled the new C111 II, a completely different version with highly impressive performance. The bodywork was redesigned, making it even more attractive than its predecessor and better suited for everyday use. Despite the immense interest in this vehicle, it was never mass-produced, remaining an icon and a desire in the hearts of many. For these reasons, it becomes part of THE AUTOMOTIVE GALLERY project.

The 100% white cotton T-shirt with a design crafted by the creative division of LARUSMIANI is included in an exclusive Larus blue box.

SKU: 026457

Limited Edition

S81 Mercedes C111 II

Made in Italy

100% cotton

Cold wash

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