Table spoons

Color: BLACK

Set of 6 table spoons with ox horn handle.

Set of 6 table spoons with ox horn handle. The fine material from which the handle is made makes this set an exceptional item that will grace your table making every convivial occasion elegant and unique.


Dark buffalo horn handle

Made in France

Length: 20.5

Thickness of the handle: 15 cm

Buffalo Horn Handle *

Stainless steel

Do not expose to prolonged dry heat (e.g., the sun)

Store in a dry place

Do not put in dishwasher

Wash by hand with warm water and a mildly soapy solution

Never leave too long in water

Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners for cleaning

* The buffalo horn that is marketed is sourced exclusively from controlled farms; these animals are not protected species and are not endangered. It is made entirely by hand and only with the help of a few power tools.

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