Set of six miniature knives

Color: Neutral

Set of six miniature knives with deer handles.

This set of 6 miniature knives represents a small jewel of craftsmanship. The knives all have different sizes and are for all intents and purposes real knives with a blade of the highest quality steel. The handles of the knives are made of deer. Each knife comes with a handmade leather case. The case has a loop for hanging on the belt. A product for enthusiasts, who want to have something unique and special.

Handle color: Brown

Made in U.S.A.

Dimensions from bigger to smaller:

Blade lenght: 8 cm / 7 cm/ 6 cm/ 5 cm/ 4,5 cm/ 3,5 cm

Handle lenght: 6,3 cm/ 5,5 cm/ 4,8 cm/ 4,3 cm/ 3,5 cm


ATS-34 steel

Calfskin leather *

Never leave item soaking in water

Use a very soft cloth to polish it to avoid any kind of abrasion.

* The calfskin that is marketed comes exclusively from controlled farms, they are not part of protected species and are not threatened with extinction.

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