Plate “Ilex”

Color: .

Hand-painted porcelain ornamental plate - Limited Edition

Ornamental plate crafted from Limoges porcelain, a material famous all over the world for its quality and finesse. Hand painted with a brunch of an evergreen shrub and red berrys, this plate will give a touch of elegance and joy to your house.

Colour: white

Decoration: brunch of an evergreen shrub with red berrys

Pure gold thread on the edge

Chrome green “Limoges Porcelain France” mark on the back

Larusmiani logo on the back

Handmade in Italy

Diameter: 26 cm

Limoges Porcelain

The old Romans carried sprigs of holly, Ilex in latin, as talismans. They used to plant a tree next to their houses and picked sprigs of it few days before the winter solstice as bearer of long life. It was good custom to give it to the newlyweds as a token of good wishes.

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