Handbag Mississipi

Color: Brown

Handmade matte alligator leather handbag

The Mississipi handbag is crafted with precious alligator leather and brass details making it the ideal bag to evoke the elegance of the globetrotter. 

SKU: 801177

Brass details

Padlock lined in alligator leather

Shoulder strap with padding 

Length: 53 cm

Width: 29 cm

Depth: 33 cm

Made in Italy

Mississipi alligator leather*

Keep away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

Keep away from water

Specific, readily available products are always recommended for leather maintenance.

*Alligator skin used, comes only from controlled farms, from animals not protected by government laws as they are not endangered.

Transit times may vary depending on the documentation required for export, especially shipments accompanied by a CITES certificate will be burdened with higher costs and longer preparation time.

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