Charger Plate “Olivum”

Color: Neutral

Hand-Painted Charger Plate -Limited Edition

Charger plate in Limoges porcelain, a material famous all over the world for its quality and finesse. The upper side is almost entirely hand-painted with the longitudinal section of a tree trunk with well-detailed and coloured veins.

Colour: white

Decoration: longitudinal section of a tree trunk

Pure gold thread on the edge

Chrome green “Limoges Porcelain France” mark on the back

Larusmiani logo on the back

Handmade in Italy

Diameter: 32 cm

Limoges porcelain

The olive tree has always been considered sacred by all the mediterranean civilisations. The ancient Romans used to cross branches of this tree to make crowns to awards the greatest citizens and according to the legend, Romolo and Remo were born under an olive tree.

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