Limited Edition Advent Calendar

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Limited Edition Advent Calendar

An elegant limited edition box that will reveal a daily selection of exquisite products from the LARUSMIANI collection, crafted with premium materials, from horn to deer leather, from ultra-soft velvet to the finest silk. These are accessories to wear to exude elegance, to use for looking perfect at events, or during festive occasions for savoring the best cocktails and serving the most important dishes.

Total value of the products included in the LARUSMIANI Advent Calendar: € 3.075,00

SKU: 801129

Each product is presented in a cotton and cashmere pouch made by LARUSMIANI's tailoring department, closed with a velvet ribbon and hand-embroidered numbers in pure silk.

Made in Italy

The calendar consists of 7 accessories from the sartorial and capsule collection and 17 accessories from the Gentlemen Essentials collection.

If your curiosity is too much to bear, and you can't wait to discover all the products that will accompany you day by day to Christmas, here is the list:

Bow tie, neckties, silk pocket squares, linen hat, socks, horn comb, scissors and manicure pliers, leather keychain, mirror, travel comb, travel sewing set, deer leather cardholder, lobster clasp, steak knife, cocktail muddler, eyeglass case, asparagus tongs, steel and leather keychain, cheese fork, horn vase, tortoiseshell travel clothes brush.

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